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ABC E BUSINESS is a leading partner in Dynamics 365 Business Central, guiding their clients since 2002 in completing automation trajectories. They are a Gold partner van Microsoft and focus mainly on the sales, implementation and maintenance of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for SMEs in the Production, IT, Wholesale and Business Services sectors. High customer satisfaction, pleasant cooperation and an active customer approach are of paramount importance at ABC E BUSINESS.

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"We like Dynasource as it's a platform to collaborate, not to poach each other’s customers."

“I was invited by Microsoft Netherlands to join a kickoff, where they announced their plans for the Dutch Microsoft community on Dynasource. In short, Microsoft NL encourages all its partners to onboard and keep their profile up to date on Dynasource. I was excited about this and welcome all new initiatives to collaborate with Microsoft and its partners. I view Dynasource as a way to create a flexible network, where we, together with other companies, can collaborate to support our customer implementations in the best way possible.

The onboarding to Dynasource was easy, we have our entire staff on the platform and it only took a couple of days for everyone to complete. There was a lot of support from the Dynasource team, traveling to our offices to help us and asking for feedback to make it an easier process -- but also listening to our ideas regarding new features and adding more value to the platform for all users.”