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About our story and vision

We are Dynasource

Dynasource was founded by Peter-Robin and Richard in 2015. Having worked for both various IT vendors and service providers, they are both veterans of the IT industry.

As the IT industry is busy encouraging customers to use cloud, social, big data and IOT technologies to drive the digital transformation of their businesses, Peter-Robin and Richard believe that there are similar transformative opportunities available for the IT industry. They’ve spent the last three years building the Dynasource team and securing commitment from strategic partners like Microsoft, Tech Data and Insight.

Why we are here

Dynasource exists to transform the IT industry by making service provider capabilities more visible and understandable. Dynasource is a platform that makes the complex IT ecosystem  transparent and easy to understand for everyone.

We represent service provider capabilities and professional experience clearly so that companies and individuals within the tech industry can secure better opportunities. Whether it’s collaborating with the right company or finding more suitable project opportunities, we want to help the IT Service industry work better for everyone.



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