We’re on a mission to make the technology services industry work better.

Why we are here

Out of the office, as consumers, we’re all well served by platforms designed to help us make smarter choices about where we eat or where we stay. In the office, decision makers don’t enjoy access to anything like the same kind of information.

The opportunity for digital transformation.

We believe that choosing a technology services partner to help deliver a significant IT project is one of the most important decisions any business can make. Generally speaking, the project will often be part of a wider digital transformation agenda and have much broader implications.

Let’s face it, traditional means of building a shortlist – running an online search – asking around within your network – soliciting a recommendation from a vendor – all yield very subjective results.

Dynasource exists to change that. We’re working hard to bring transparency to the IT services industry – to help customers better understand what prospective technology services partners are really capable of – by aggregating data regarding who they employ and what product and industry skills these professionals possess.

That’s why we believe transparency is the next logical step for the IT services industry.

Customers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the insight that Dynasource provides. Skills are a key issue for technology vendors – their availability will largely determine the share that their products will ultimately secure. Dynasource is designed to help vendors better understand where to invest their channel development / product training investments.

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A platform to help partners succeed.

Dynasource is on a mission to help the best partners do better – by helping them more effectively represent the depth and breadth of their product skills and industry experience to those that care – the customers that they want to serve and the vendors that they represent.

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Our company

Dynasource was founded by Peter-Robin Mijderwijk and Richard Bross in 2015. With years of IT industry experience between them, the pair spotted an opportunity for change that they couldn’t ignore.

While technology services providers were busy encouraging customers to use cloud, social, big data and IoT technologies to drive the digital transformation of their businesses, the two founders saw similar opportunities available for the way that the IT industry finds, selects and allocates business.

Fast-forward just a few years and Dynasource has now evolved into a fully-fledged platform, and secured commitment from strategic partners like Microsoft and Tech Data.

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