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We are Dynasource

Dynasource was founded by Peter-Robin Mijderwijk and Richard Bross in 2015. With years of IT industry experience between them, the pair spotted an opportunity for change that they couldn’t ignore.

While IT partners were busy encouraging customers to use cloud, social, big data and IoT technologies to drive the digital transformation of their businesses, the two founders saw similar opportunities available for the way that the IT industry finds, selects and allocates business.

Fast-forward just a few years and Dynasource has now evolved into a fully-fledged platform, and secured commitment from strategic partners like Microsoft, Tech Data and Insight.

Why we are here

Digital transformation has completely changed the way IT business is done. Cloud has changed everything about the way customers consume software.

Dynasource is a skills-based data hub that empowers the IT industry to make data-driven decisions. Our platform is designed to help people know and understand what service providers are capable of.

By showing vendors, distributors and customers what partners have got, the IT ecosystem can work better for every stakeholder.



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