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We’re on a mission to help technology services providers effectively represent the skills and industry experience that really distinguish their organization from the crowd. Here some of the service providers who have joined our mission!

The best way to differentiate your technology services business

It's all about skills. Represent your expertise and help your team get credit for the work they do.

The Nav People Mondrian

Your expertise, communicated clearly.

Data doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve designed the Mondrian to break down the top-level skills of a company and provide an easy-to-understand profile of what expertise exists within an organization. It’s a data visualization tool that represents your company's product capabilities, project and industry experience - and it’s built from the aggregated skills of your employees.

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Insights that power your company.

The Skills Dashboard is a team analysis tool that we’ve built for Practice Managers at technology services providers. We think it can help you make more informed decisions about your business. You can filter by industry, role and product to find the exact expertise you’re looking for - and easily navigate to personal profiles if you need an even closer look at experience. It helps you to track, organize and manage multiple skill sets effectively and efficiently.

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