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Collaboration expert e-office helps organizations to work smarter and to be more flexible by smoothing their operations and communication systems through digital workspaces, consultancies and training. A focus on driving usage of Microsoft 365 with its Premium Adoption approach enables e-office to help drive business forward with the best Modern Workplace capabilities. They know that when it comes to meeting challenges across verticals, one size really doesn’t fit all. That's why e-office has developed exclusive industry-specific offerings for a variety of markets.

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Ralph Jonkers
Ralph jonkers, portfolio manager microsoft at e-office

"We are able to show our people off to Microsoft and the wider partner network."

“I first heard about Dynasource about three years ago -- it was a different platform back then, but already an intriguing business for us that I’d kept on my radar. At e-office, we strive to highlight every individual that works for us. The Dynasource platform complements this ambition. Through the Mondrian, we internally are able to see the exact skills and capabilities of our employees. And, thus, are able to find and select the best person for the projects we have running.  If the customer wants us to implement part of a product, and we don't have the expertise available we use Dynasource to find a partner with complementary skills. This makes sure we don’t have to miss out on the project -- an absolute deal saver!

The platform is an easy-to-use tool with a modern interface. We are proud to use it -- but also to be considered a ‘testing partner’ -- to try out new features and collaborate on building out the platform to serve everyone in the best way possible.”