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With enviable success worldwide, Mercurius IT has grown into a centre of excellence, delivering perfect execution based on client focus and cutting edge technology engagement. Mercurius IT is committed to keeping its customers at the centre of its existence! Its extensive partnerships and any shore ability make it the preferred choice of small, medium, transnational and global customers. Mercurius IT core strength is blending business process know-how and IT capability for perpetual value to its customers.

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Jay Tahasildar
Jay Tahasildar, Managing Director at Mercurius IT

"Dynasource bridges the gap between partners"

"When it comes to business development strategies, we’re always keen to try new things and experiment to find what works. Dynasource was initially one of these experiments. Traditionally in the Microsoft Partner channel, there has been a feeling that you steer clear of other partners and view them as competitors. Now a culture of collaboration is emerging. We’ve realised that we are stronger as a collective partner channel than as individual partners. Dynasource is a platform that can help us bridge that gap between partners to better serve our customers."