Your expertise, communicated clearly.

Our data visualization tool represents what a company is good at in an objective, unbiased format.

Meet the Mondrian.

We think that providing an overview of your company is easier with the Mondrian. Here’s why.

Data doesn’t have to be difficult.

We’ve designed the Mondrian to break down the top-level skills of a company and provide an easy-to-understand profile of what expertise exists within an organization. It’s a data visualization tool that represents your company's product capabilities, project and industry experience - and it’s built from the aggregated skills of your employees.

Introduce yourself with skills and experience.

We believe the product skills and industry experience that you have in your team are the key to differentiating your business. And we think that the Mondrian is a tool that can help your company do that more easily. It provides a quick but detailed insight into the core competencies of a company so it’s easier to represent where your expertise is concentrated.

Industry experience matters.

The Mondrian provides an industry view that represents the collective industry expertise of all the professionals within a company. Whether it’s a short-term gig in the Financial sector or a long-term project in the Health Care sector, you can represent your company’s industry expertise and understand the project experience of potential collaborators when you use the Mondrian.

Skills visualization Mondrian

See a company from different perspectives.

Sometimes an overview isn’t enough. The Mondrian comes equipped with a vendor filter to help someone identify whether a company has the specific skills or experience they need. The vendor dropdown menu allows for fast and effective filtering.