Dynasource Search: A New Way to Find The Best Technology Partners

April 15, 2019

Written by Dynasource CEO, Paul White

Dynasource is a platform designed to help the best partners do better – win more business – by showing off the skills and experience of their team.

Show off? To who?

To Customers. Decision makers who are looking for specialist technology services to help them drive their digital transformation projects. These decision makers regularly use tools like TripAdvisor, Trustpilot or Experian to make decisions as consumers in their private lives. Yet, when they come to work and need to make significant IT procurement decisions, they have nothing to help them.

From April 15th these decision makers will have the opportunity to search our database and discover what we know about over 1,000 technology services firms in NL. Some of what we know comes from research that we’ve done. We’ve acquired lists of companies and used public data on platforms like LinkedIn to understand who these firms employ and what skills their people claim to have. Some of what we know comes from firms that have decided to onboard to our platform – by getting their professionals to tell us specifically about their product skills and industry expertise. As we move forward we’ll give these professionals the opportunity to validate their product skills and industry expertise with customers and vendors (via certification).

Dynasource Search screenshot

Rather than run lengthy beauty parades, decision makers will be able to use Dynasource as a “short list generator” – a quick, effective means by which they can identify a small number of well-qualified firms – organizations that we know have the people with the skills they need. They can then put this small well qualified group through an evaluation process to assess cultural fit and value.

The internet has brought transparency to many different domains. Once upon a time booking a holiday cottage was fraught with risk. The printed catalogue you got through the post really gave you no sense of the quality of the accommodation, temperament of the landlord or quite how close the slurry pit was. AirBnB has changed all that. Travellers now have much better visibility – make much more informed decisions. As a result the quality of holiday accommodation has improved and more people are travelling. We’d like to help the IT services industry achieve something similar.

Our journey starts….

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