Dynasource appoints Duijndam and Hendriks

June 14, 2019

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (June 13th, 2019) – Dynasource today announced that Marc Duijndam has been named CEO, effective immediately. Startupbootcamp leader Ruud Hendriks will also be joining the Dynasource Supervisory board. Both appointments bring proven entrepreneurial experience to the leadership team as the company begins to scale globally.

Dynasource is on a mission to make the global IT service industry more accessible and customer centric – to help businesses make more informed decisions about which IT service partners and freelancers they engage. Last month the company gave Dutch companies access to the insight it has on over 2,000 Dutch IT Partners with the launch of Dynasource Search. With the support of partners like Microsoft the company is now looking further afield – to the UK, the US and beyond.

New CEO Marc Duijndam was CEO at Funda for over 4 years until 2017 and was previously responsible for the launch of Google in BENELUX.

New Supervisory Board Member Ruud Henriks was member of the Executive Board of Endemol and is now co-founder of Startupbootcamp.

Former CEO, Paul White steps up to support the Supervisory Board.

Vincent Gravesteyn – Chairman of the Dynasource Supervisory Board said “We’re grateful for everything that Paul has done for the company as CEO – and are delighted that he will continue to support the business. Marc Duijndam brings a wealth of platform experience to the CEO role – we’re very happy to have him on board. Few people in the Netherlands have more startup/scaleup experience than Ruud Hendriks. We very much appreciate his commitment to Dynasource. Dynasource is well-positioned to deliver a breakthrough in the way customers select their IT service providers and freelancers.”

About Dynasource

Out of the office, as consumers, we are all well served by platforms designed to help us make smarter choices about where we eat or where we stay. In the office, decision makers do not enjoy access to anything like the same kind of information when they are searching for an IT service provider or freelancer.

Dynasource is a Netherlands-based startup working to change that. The company wants to make the complex IT industry transparent and easy to understand for everyone. The Dynasource platform aggregates skills data, thereby bringing transparency to which product and industry skills exist within IT service providers. This helps companies make better shortlists, allows IT service firms and freelancers to differentiate their businesses, and gives software vendors the opportunity to understand more about the skills of the organizations within their channel. Dynasource believes that, as a result, more IT projects will be more successful.

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