Helping Top Microsoft Azure Partners Stand Out

January 18, 2019

Written by Dynasource CEO, Paul White

For all their progress under Satya Nadella, are Microsoft providing enough opportunity for the top Azure partners to really differentiate themselves in a crowded market?

Microsoft Azure conference

Incisive Media have just launched a new title – Channel Partner Insight. It is edited by Josh Budd (formerly from Channelnomics). We wish Incisive and Josh every success – the channel deserves more/better coverage.

Josh recently wrote about Microsoft, specifically on the topic helping its top Azure partners stand out from the crowd:

It’s particularly hard to poke holes in Microsoft right now, considering the firm just overtook Apple to become the highest-valued company in the world, and its Teams platform reportedly overtook leader Slack in market share.
But if I had to pick one area in which some improvement could be made, it would concern improving how it recognizes partners who have made heavy investments in Microsoft Azure.

We agree, completely. We don’t think that the problem is Microsoft specific – the issue is endemic within our industry. The majority of vendors really struggle to strike the right balance between:-

  • Directing customers to those Partners who have made heavy investments in the right skills vs Becoming over-dependent on a declining number of Resellers
  • Maintaining breadth in their channel vs supporting Partners who drive margins down and deliver poor service to end customers

We believe that vendors need to let gravity (as defined by depth and breadth of vetted skills) take its course. For that to happen customers (as well as vendors and Distributors) need to have much greater visibility of what each IT Services Provider is really capable of.

That’s the problem Dynasource is trying to solve – by compiling Partner profiles that look like this:

Dynasource service provider profile

Users can drill down into the profiles:

Dynasource service provider profile skills drill down

The partner profiles also address other key data points – like industry experience:

Dynasource service provider profile industry skills

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