How does Dynasource work?

June 19, 2018

What does the Dynasource platform do?

Piet Mondrian was a Dutch painter whose simple art tried to make sense of a complex world. We’ve adapted his idea and re-purposed it to bring greater transparency and visibility to the IT Services market. We want to help everyone better understand the relative strengths of different IT Service Providers.

How does the Dynasource platform work?

The strengths of each individual IT Service Provider are determined by the skills and experience of the people they employ. Dynasource starts by collecting data at an individual professional level. When each Professional onboards to Dynasource we ask them to:

  • identify the products they regularly use or deploy on behalf of clients (a maximum of 10). Each product is allocated to a Domain by us (Development, Infrastructure, Database and BI, Collaboration Tools and Business Applications)
  • let us know what industries they have specific experience and expertise in (a maximum of 5) from a list provided by D&B Hoovers.

We then aggregate this data and use “Mondrians” to visualize it:

This Domain Mondrian provides a quick “fix” in terms of what this Service Provider is really focused on – in this case Development rather than Database/BI.

From here you can filter Domains by Vendor to see which Vendors the Service Provider is aligned with:

Detailed Product level information is available by simply clicking on the Domain that is of interest:

The Industry Mondrian (accessed by pressing the Industry button) provides a clear view of where this Service Provider is anchored in terms of industry experience:

What value do Mondrians provide?

Our Mondrians have been designed to:

  • Help Service Providers show off what their people are capable of
  • Help Vendors and Distributors better understand the skills within their channel
  • To target readiness and training programs more effectively
  • Introduce Customers to Partners who have relevant product skills and industry experience
  • Help Service Providers identify others that they should collaborate with – to deliver more complete solutions to customers
  • Help Customers quickly make more informed decisions about who should be invited to join a short list

Mondrians are found through our powerful Search capabilities. To learn more about them, click here.

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