Newsletter: April 2019 – Why Differentiation Matters

May 9, 2019

When an organization is looking for a technology services provider, they have a good idea of what skills they need and what benefits those capabilities can bring.

For IT services businesses to really make the most of today’s digital transformation opportunities, it is important to stand out for the capabilities that make your organization unique.

Dynasource is fully committed to helping partners show off what skills make them unique. This newsletter is all about why differentiating your business matters.

In the news

In today’s skills-driven world, standing out for a particular specialism is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage – and vendors are doing everything to ensure that partners can offer high-quality, sustainable and bespoke solutions for customers.

2019 has seen two major players in the IT services industry bolster their efforts to encourage partners to differentiate. Check out their differentiation programs below:

Azure Expert Managed Services Provider – Microsoft rolled out the MSP program, with the goal of facilitating high-quality, differentiated solutions for managed services on Azure for customers.

Cloud Solutions Factory – Global distributor Tech Data recently launched this program to help channel partners drive differentiation.

Channel trends

“Convincingly illustrating superior depth or breadth of expertise is more than a matter of showcasing technical certifications, since most Resellers have them.”

The technology services landscape is changing fast. Check out our blog which examines how IT resellers can effectively differentiate their business in today’s market.

Differentiate your business with Dynasource

Looking to differentiate your company to business decision-makers? We think our Mondrian can help.

At Dynasource, we believe that successfully differentiating your business draws together two main themes: transparency and visibility.

  • Transparency: by being transparent about what skills you have in-house
  • Visibility: by being visible and discoverable for those skills

Learn more about how the Mondrian can help technology services businesses here.

To increase the visibility of technology services providers we’ve released the first version of our Dynasource Search. It is a public search functionality to help your company be visible for what it’s good at to business decision-makers. Check it out here.

Differentiation and DNA

Differentiating your business is not just about what you show to the external world. Usually, successful differentiation starts from within.

Our management team recently spent some time away from the office thinking about what really defines working for Dynasource. Below you can find the key takeaways, you might find them helpful yourself:

  • Start every meeting with something positive either work related or non-work related. We believe it is important to add a positive note to each meeting. Something that we’ve accomplished or just something that made us happy. This lightens up the meeting and encourages each team member to keep sharing positivity within the company.
  • Pivot when necessary – if something isn’t working for you change it. Sometimes things that worked in the past can hold you back when trying to achieve growth. It is important to review previous choices every now and then. If something turns out to be a bottleneck then analyze what you can do to change it. We believe that a culture of embracing change can help our business grow and innovate more quickly.

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Newsletter: April 2019 – Why Differentiation Matters

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