Newsletter: May 2019 – The Power of Collaboration

May 29, 2019

In today’s always-on world, a single channel partner can rarely deliver the specialist skills customers need today. That’s why this month’s newsletter is all about the power of collaboration.

Channel trends

“I have been a leading advocate for partner to partner (P2P) cooperation for several years and in recent years I’m seeing a hockey stick effect.”

Will 2019 be the year that partner-to-partner collaboration really takes off? Read what Dynasource advisor and P2P advocate Per Werngren has to say on the topic here.  

Collaboration on Dynasource  

We believe in a world where partners collaborate: pooling capabilities can often create even more value for both partners themselves, and end customers.

Our all-new in-app connect feature can help you kickstart that process.

Trying to find a partner who has the complementary skills your business is looking for? You can use the Dynasource platform to drill down into partner skill sets and analyze who might be a good match. Once you’ve made your shortlist, you can now contact service providers directly via the Dynasource platform with in-app connect.

Using in-app connect enables you to get in touch with another service provider when you think you might want to work together.

Learn more here

Microsoft Inspire

Microsoft Inspire is an annual conference where partners can connect, meet and collaborate – and that’s why our team wouldn’t miss it for the world.

We’re now busy preparing for Inspire and are collaborating with internal and external partners to make it happen. What this really highlights is the importance of having the right partners – something Dynasource makes it easier to find.

And that’s exactly why since last year’s event, we’ve added a host of new features to help partners, teams and businesses collaborate more easily:

  • Skills Dashboard helps companies understand their internal team more clearly
  • In-App Connect helps partners get in touch more efficiently
  • Dynasource Search gives end customers (in the Netherlands) the possibility to look for the right partner on our platform.

Want to meet us in Las Vegas? We’ll include a detailed schedule of what we’re doing and where you can find us, next month!

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Newsletter: May 2019 – The Power of Collaboration

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