Onboarding to Dynasource

June 19, 2018

How is Dynasource structured?

    Onboarding to Dynasource is easy – whoever you work for – in whatever role. We think about the world as being made up of:

  • Community Leaders are IT Vendors or Distributors who go to market through a channel.
  • The Community Admin is someone that we invite to join Dynasource. They have the Admin rights to their Community. He or she invites Inside Sales people and Channel Managers to onboard.
  • Channel Managers are responsible for relationships with Service Providers (Partners/Resellers) within the Community leaders channel. He or she invites Practice Managers within their Partners to join Dynasource.
  • Different companies use different titles but Inside Sales spend their days talking to customers. They identify opportunities and need to introduce customers to Partners.
  • Practice Managers are the people that the Channel Managers will invite. They are responsible for the professional services that a Service Provider (Partner/Reseller) provides. They manage the team of Professionals that the Service Provider employs. It is their job to invite their team to onboard to Dynasource.
  • Professionals are the people who deliver business outcomes for customers. It is their product skills and industry expertise that Dynasource aggregates and represents to differentiate the Service provider they work for.

Joining Dynasource

Whether you are a Community Admin, Channel Manager or Practice Manager – the invitation process is really easy. You can invite people individually – or distribute a link that they can all use.

If you are a Professional, Dynasource has been designed to make it really easy for you to create and maintain your profile. Most people do it in 6 minutes or less.

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