What the IT Services Industry Can Learn From Airbnb

April 24, 2019

Written by Dynasource CEO, Paul White

I love Airbnb.

Family holidays often involve self catering accommodation. Way back in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s – pre-Airbnb – making a decision about what holiday cottage you would rent for a week was fraught with danger. All you had to rely upon was a brochure produced by “English Country Cottages”. You had no idea whether their description fairly reflected the property that you were interested in. Booking was a real gamble. You might be lucky. The property could be all that the brochure said it would be. You could be unlucky. The property could be damp or dirty or next to a motorway. Our success rate was 50:50.

De-risking decision making

Roll forward to 2019 – the post-Airbnb era – and everything is different. As a result of the visitor feedback that Airbnb makes available to me – I know that the property description fairly reflects reality.

Airbnb provides travellers with useful information to help them make better decisions about where they stay

As a result of the visibility that Airbnb provide – landlords work harder to ensure that their properties are of a good standard. As a result of the greater confidence that Airbnb gives me – I book self catering accommodation more often. As a result of the fact that I use self catering accommodation more often – landlords see their properties booked more often at higher rates. As a result more landlords have come into the market and made more accommodation available. It is a virtuous circle.

Bringing transparency to IT services

Dynasource exists to do something similar in IT services.

On Dynasource On Airbnb
Buyer Customers Travellers
Resource “Owner” Partners Hosts
Resource IT Skills/Industry experience Properties


We want to connect customers (travellers) with the best partners (hosts) that employ professionals (properties) with the skills that that the customer needs to successfully deliver their IT projects (holidays). We want to help the best partners differentiate themselves more effectively – justify the right day rate – and invest more in training their people as a result.

When we are successful – the IT services industry works better for every stakeholder. That’s a big prize.

Airbnb helps travellers make better decisions regarding $2.6 billion of spend on accommodation and travel experiences. Gartner report that IT spending will reach $3.8 trillion in 2019.

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