Avoid IT Project Failures (and the Cost of Divorce)

June 3, 2019

Written by Dynasource Supervisory Board member, Paul White

There have been some high profile divorces recently. One involving a settlement of $35bn took the record for being the most “expensive”. Whilst the cash settlement grabs the headlines – this doesn’t account for the impact on other existing relationships – children, friends, other family – or future ones. Similarly, business breakups can have impacts that last far beyond the initial financial implications of separation.

The Divorce Rate in the IT Services Industry

Many IT projects fail. Every failure is expensive in cash terms. The $’s spent on services will already have been written off and – if the project is restarted – the same money will need to be spent again. However – the real cost lies in:

  • the inefficiency that the project was designed to improve and that the business will now need to carry for longer
  • the extent to which the failure will discourage the business from investing in IT

It’s really tough for customers to assess which service providers have a highly skilled team from those who don’t. The key difference is that high-quality IT service providers have strength in depth. What this means is that a customer receives the same level of service from consultation through to execution and delivery, regardless of which team members are on the project. Unfortunately, when service providers don’t have adequate depth of capability, the story can be quite different. In some cases, an organization will use their most capable staff – a rock star project manager and their best consultant – for the initial meeting. When the order has been placed, customers can find that the team that the partner puts forward looks very different. Therefore, the key question that customers need to answer is ‘what strength in depth does this firm have’?

Find the right company fit before making a commitment

As well as looking for depth of capability in the technology that the customer wants to deploy – we also believe that customers should at least consider what “breadth” they have available. Ideally the partner that they choose should be capable of helping them connect technologies and platforms together within their business.

Dynasource platform screenshot showing company profile and Mondrian

Dynasource exists to help customers make more objective decisions about which IT services partners they should engage with. We want to make building a short list faster and safer – by ensuring that the firms you approach have the depth and breadth you are looking for. In doing so we want to do our bit to reduce the number of IT project failure – reduce the IT services divorce rate.

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