Where IT partners come to succeed.

More collaboration means greater opportunities.

Partner with specialised, complementary teams. Together you’ll take on projects that are broader in scope, perhaps previously out of reach. Use our platform to better represent your team, collaborate with the right companies and uncover exciting opportunities. It’s time to get growing.

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Turn downtime into uptime.

Transform your service offering by taking on a wider range of projects when you collaborate with other specialised IT companies. The Dynasource platform makes it easier to join forces with companies whose experience and business processes complement your own.

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Show off your team’s talents.

Your company has the skills, now it’s time to shout about them. Broadcast your capabilities to the top talent in the IT industry and join communities led by Fortune 500 heavyweights such as Microsoft and Tech Data. It’s time to introduce yourself and  let them know what you’re famous for.

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What is the value of Dynasource for me as a Service Provider?

Dynasource can help you show vendors and distributors what you’ve got – in terms of capabilities. Our credits functionality helps to endorse the skills your Professionals claim as well as representing their project experience.

Can I invite a freelancer to join my team?

No, you can’t invite freelancers to join your team. On Dynasource, you can only represent your company’s capabilities as evidenced by internal employees.

Can recruiters approach my staff?

No – our platform is invitation only and we don’t invite recruiters onto the platform. In addition, each Professional from your team gets to choose whether their name, photograph and LinkedIn URL are visible to anyone outside your organisation.

Why does Microsoft/Tech Data/Insight want me to onboard on Dynasource

Providing an objective directory of service capabilities of their partner channel helps vendors and distributors to quickly identify partner development investment opportunities. It also offers the ability to assign leads to the most suitable partner, which improves the win ratio.

Can I be part of more than one community at the same time?

You can be a member of multiple communities simultaneously. You can be added to a specific community by contacting the Community Admin or Channel Manager of that particular community.

Why do I have to onboard all my Professionals?

Only by onboarding all the Professionals in your company, will your profile present a comprehensive overview of all the skills and capabilities that exist within your organization.

How much time does it take to onboard on Dynasource?

The average onboarding of a Professional will take just 8 minutes. This includes creating an account and providing details for work location, product knowledge, industries and languages.

What role does a Practice Manager play on the Dynasource platform?

Practice Managers lead the team of Professionals that each Service Provider employs. Dynasource is designed to help Practice Managers better represent the capabilities and experience of their team to the outside world. It is the Practice Manager’s job to invite their Professionals to onboard and maintain their profile on the platform.

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