Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces

Use Amazon WorkSpaces clients to provision virtual desktops.

Deploy feature-rich, optimized virtual desktops for your workforce with AWS workspaces Desktop-as-a-Service.

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Everything About Amazon WorkSpaces

What is Amazon WorkSpaces?

Amazon workspaces is a cloud-based virtual desktop service designed to emulate traditional desktops. It mimics an operating system, comprising a collection of software applications, storage space and computer resources. The software provides everything you would expect from a standard desktop.

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What is an Amazon WorkSpace client?

Amazon offers a wide array of ‘client’ applications to support the delivery of the software on a variety of different devices. Currently, users can connect to workspaces via the following client applications:

  • Android Client Application
  • Chromebook Client Application
  • iPad Client Application
  • OS X Client Application
  • PColP Zero Client
  • Web Access
  • Windows Client Application


AWS desktop as a service – why should you use it?

  • Functionality – Deploy a managed, mobile virtual desktop platform that grants access to users from any device. A managed service eases the strain of deploying and maintaining a complex environment.
  • Value for money – AWS provides a cost-effective, simple method to deploy desktops. Compared to costly standard on-premises VDI, you can acquire a virtual desktop solution, applications and solid state storage (SSD) for a relatively small monthly fee. Furthermore, cloud hosting eliminates the need for maintenance and upfront investment costs.
  • Amazon Bundles – With a few different setups to choose from, AWS aims to cater to your organizational structure as best it can. Bundle options include: Value, Standard, Performance, Power, PowerPro, Graphics, and GraphicsPro.
  • 24/7 Access – Availability to use a desktop of your choice as and when you require.


Amazon Workspaces web client – Amazon WorkSpaces Windows 10

As of last year, Amazon now offers web access for Windows 10. You can access your Amazon VDI on Windows, Linux and Mac desktops via Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers using a single sign on (SSO) page.

Amazon WorkSpaces Pricing

AWS follows a pay for what you use structure. This is based on what bundle you choose, and how many workspaces you launch.

The platform offers payment in either monthly or hourly installments.

For monthly payment plans, you will be required to pay a fixed, up-front fee. This plan is more geared towards consistent users of the platform as well as those who use it as their primary desktop.

Hourly costs require a small, monthly up-front fee to cover storage and infrastructure costs. Costs are then charged based on hourly usage. This plan is more suited to less consistent users who only need access to the service from time to time.

Amazon WorkSpaces vs Citrix (and other Amazon WorkSpaces Alternatives)

There are a few platforms out there which offer similar functionality to Amazon WorkSpaces. Notable options include Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Horizon Cloud.

For a more in-depth comparison, check out our guides on similar products:


Amazon WorkSpaces Download

You can download AWS WorkSpaces client here:

How to use Amazon WorkSpaces

Deploy – Deploy virtual desktops for multiple users.
Access – Access on any device, from anywhere, at any time.
Save – Managed VDI in the cloud saves on infrastructure maintenance.

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