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Azure DevOps

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Agile workflows, CI & CD pipelines, continuous deployment. The world of software development is changing and Azure DevOps can help.

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Everything about Azure DevOps

What is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is the evolution of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). Whereas VSTS was one monolithic tool, Azure DevOps has been split into a suite of separate tools such as Azure Pipelines, Azure Repos, Azure Boards, Azure Test Plans and Azure Artifacts. This added flexibility means users can now pick and choose which services they want to use depending on the project or use-case.

Azure DevOps services can help your organization plan and build software using contemporary processes and thinking. Azure Pipelines is perhaps one of the most significant additions in Azure DevOps. With this tool users get cloud-hosted pipelines for Linux, Windows and macOS. It allows building, testing and deploying any language or platform to any cloud. 

As the name suggests, Azure DevOps is built on Azure, which is a cloud computed platform created by Microsoft. Like AWS, Google Cloud and other well-known cloud vendors, it lets users build, deploy and manage applications through Microsoft’s globally owned network of data centers. 


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Azure DevOps licensing

Azure DevOps cost depends on the package you choose. Microsoft offers different licensing plans which are generally paid on a rolling month-to-month basis. There is also the option to license individual services rather than subscribing to the whole suite of services. 


Azure DevOps training

To get your team up to speed quickly with the tools, Microsoft has created an official training program online. Team members can learn the skills they need to succeed and become certified. 

There is also comprehensive resources documentation hosted on the Microsoft site. 


How to use Azure DevOps?

The pace of technology change means today’s companies must release software updates more quickly to stay up-to-date. DevOps is an organizational framework allows development and operational teams to improve collaboration and productivity by automating workflows.

Tools like Azure DevOps can help because there are a lot of moving parts to consider when releasing new software, especially at speed. Consider new functionality, security, bug fixes, old code and technical debt – all under the time pressure of release deadlines. Development also usually takes place in a different version of the application, not the live environment. Sometimes, pushing code to a production environment can create unforeseen errors. Furthermore, the operational teams and development teams may not be closely paired, which can lead to further complexity. 

DevOps is a contemporary way of operating that brings both operations and development teams together to solve problems more efficiently.


Why choose Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps can reduce the task of handling, creating or updating workflow pipelines. This means that developers can focus on development. 

The services are also compatible with a range of other DevOps tools (e.g. Jenkins and Puppet) which means your options for experimentation (or migration) are not limited. Azure DevOps extensions also provide a rich ecosystem of add-ons to increase functionality or integration with other applications. 

Azure supports CI & CD workflows which can help to deliver quicker development and deployment cycles. It can also help teams to create repeatable deployment cycles, something that’s increasingly important in order to meet compliance standards.

Add to this the fact that Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud platforms. It can provide security and infrastructure features so that teams can focus primarily on developing software rather than maintaining infrastructure.  

To further encourage and facilitate knowledge sharing between team members, Azure DevOps wiki acts as an internal knowledge hub. It allows team members to record what they have learned so other team members can benefit in the future.


Azure DevOps services

Azure Pipelines: An Azure DevOps Pipeline is a pipeline supported by Azure platform where users can build, test and deploy applications continuously. 

Azure Boards: Azure DevOps Boards provides a software version of agile Kanban board. Users can create tasks and then drag and drop items depending on their status in the pipeline.

Azure Artifacts: enables you to create, host, and also share packages among your team. Artifacts in Azure ensure your pipelines have fully integrated package management. This can be achieved with a mere click. You can also create Maven, NPM, and NuGet packages. Here the team size does not matter.

Azure Repos: Much like Github, Azure DevOps repos also you to store git repositories. You can also pull, push and commit changes to your codebase. The service provides unlimited cloud-hosted private Git repositories. 

Azure Test Plans: It provides you with toolkit to perform comprehensive testing to ensure your software functions just fine.


How to use Azure DevOps

Create – Create effective pipelines to manage the process from development to deployment.

Develop – Develop software on scheduled timelines using tools such as Boards and Test Plans to keep you on track.

Deploy – Ship high-quality software to the end user on time.

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