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Magento Commerce Cloud

Magento: B2B E-commerce and B2C E-commerce

Start selling online today with this powerful E-commerce platform designed for B2B and B2C online selling.

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Everything about Magento Commerce

What is Magento Commerce?

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that is designed to handle the creation and running of a fully-functioning online store. 

Magento Commerce is platform-as-a-service hosted solution that provides a paid version of the Magento platform. Previously known as Magento Enterprise Edition (EE). It is aimed at larger organizations that require premium support and more advanced functionality. While Magento Open Source is free, Magento Commerce has a license fee.


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Magento Commerce Features

In a nutshell, Magento Commerce provides online vendors with a wide variety of marketing and operational tools.
In terms of general online store functionality for customers.

General features include:

  • Catalog Management – Filter products to certain specifications such as price, brands and color.
  • Site and Content Management – Control multiple stores or websites from one centralized administrator.
  • Promotions – Create coupon codes, promotional pricing for specific products and categories.
  • Checkout Functionality – Add a cart, and create a full order and shipping summary. Integrate different payment methods such as PayPal and WorldPay.
  • Handle Shipping – Provide order updates and tracking and receive real time shipping rates from the major companies.
  • Customer Service/Order Management – Modify orders from the admin panel such as cancelling, removing products and so on.
  • Customer Loyalty – Reward customer loyalty with points per purchase, registration or review.


Technical Features:

With regard to the technical side, Magento also provides functionality tools to improve the performance of your website:

  • SEO – Offers built in tools to increase visibility and drive traffic to your store, creates sitemaps and search engine friendly URLs.
  • Performance and Scalability – Inbuilt technology to improve the speed and performance of your store such as caching.
  • Architecture and Security – A stable, modern framework provides industry standard security and application architecture.
  • Magento Commerce Cloud – A managed cloud service provides 99.9 % uptime and reliability.
  • Analytics and Reporting – create sales reports and analyze Magento and google analytics.
  • Support – Support is available 24/7 from the Magento team.


Magento vs WooCommerce

WooCommerce differs from Magento since it is just a plugin extension for its parent platform, WordPress. Therefore, if you prefer to use WordPress, then WooCommerce would be the obvious choice.

While sharing a lot of similarities, Magento is designed for web development professionals – for use in medium-large scale businesses. It offers a generous set of features and provides everything an ambitious online seller requires.

WooCommerce may be more user-friendly for beginners compared to Magento which has a bit more of a learning curve. It is cheap to set up and accommodates almost any kind of online store. Conversely, Magento is very scalable for large online stores but comes with a much larger price tag – especially for its enterprise edition.


Magento Commerce Pricing

There are two main versions of Magento: Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source. Magento Open Source is the free version of the platform which can be downloaded, self-hosted and customized. Magento Commerce is a fusion of previously separate versions; Magento Enterprise Cloud and Magento Enterprise. This is the premium option which includes cloud service as part of the plan. Magento commerce costs a minimum of $22,000 a year. This is not a one-off cost however – fees must also be paid based on how much traffic your website generates.


Magento Commerce Demo

Want to try it out? You can schedule a free demo of the service here on Magento’s official site.


How to use Magento Commerce

Sell – create a fully functioning online e-commerce store.
Manage – manage all operations from one admin hub.
Customize – choose from a wide selection of layouts, themes, extensions and more.

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