Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Analyze data visually with customized dashboards and charts.

Learn how Microsoft Power BI’s dashboards and charts may help you make more informed business decisions.

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Everything about Microsoft Power BI

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI is a business analytics tool offered by Microsoft. The software enables interactive data visualization and provides an interface so users can create their own customized reports. 

Power BI can be used with a variety of data sources to give a more complete view of how a business is performing, in one centralized location. Data is updated in real-time and can be accessed by your team on multiple devices.


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Why Should I Use Power BI?

For first-time users, Power BI can seem confusing. With a range of functionality and tools it can be challenging to understand exactly what the tool does and how you can use it.

Generally speaking, Power BI helps businesses turn data into actionable insights. 

In today’s world, an organization’s data can be spread across multiple tools and applications. Furthermore data is not always standardized and may even be completely unstructured.

Power BI helps users to overcome this problem. The tool allows users to take data from multiple sources and present them in one single location. For instance, data from Salesforce, Excel, Google Analytics and social network data can all be used by Power BI.

Real-time updates mean that teams or organizations can always have access to the latest version of the data. 


Power BI Visuals

Once the data is in Power BI there are a whole host of different ways to represent that data. The Power BI service allows users to create customized reports.

There are a number of different visualization types to help your business understand data. For example, bar and column charts, pie charts, scatter graphs, Gantt charts and many more.  


Power BI Licensing: Power BI Pro vs Premium

There are two different Power BI versions:

Power BI Pro – Standard functionality that allows for collaboration between team members.

Power BI Premium – More suitable for enterprise sized workloads and generally larger data sets. Allows for greater control over administration.


Power BI Training

Microsoft provides a full library of training resources on the Power BI website including guided courses, templates, tutorials and in-depth documentation. 

For additional information, the Power BI community can help your team solve issues based on input from other users of the software.


Azure and Power BI 

Both Power BI and Azure are Microsoft products. Therefore, it’s possible to combine Power BI and Azure’s data processing services. 

Many of Power BI’s services run on or integrate Azure’s own services. For example, the automated machine learning capability in Power BI is actually the AutoML feature from Azure Machine Learning.

Microsoft is increasingly offering Azure services for customers to extend product functionality. 


Power BI and Office 365

One of Power BI’s strengths is that it comes from the Microsoft Office 365 family of products. Therefore it integrates easily with other Microsoft products such as Excel. 

It is not necessary to buy an Office 365 license to use Power BI. You can actually buy the software as a standalone product or add it to an Office 365 plan. If you buy Power BI without Office 365, you will get Office 365 site with Pro as the only product. 


How to use Microsoft Power BI

Import – Query data from multiple sources and collect it in Power BI.

Build – Create dashboards with visuals to understand your organization’s data.

Analyze – Get a 360-view of your business using data from disparate sources.

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