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Everything about React JS

What is React?

React is a JavaScript framework used to create user interfaces Created at Facebook in 2011, it enables developers to build single-page user interfaces that change over time without having to reload the webpage.

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Why use React?

Today, users expect high-performance applications. Front-end frameworks such as React are becoming more popular. They make it much easier for developers to create rich and interactive user interfaces for modern web applications.
Here are some of the advantages of using React JS:

  • Component-based approach – React enables front-end developers to build and reuse components. This makes developing and maintaining applications much more efficient since developers do not have to write as much code.
  • Virtual DOM – React uses a Virtual DOM which can improve performance for apps that involve user interaction and data updates.
  • Strong community – Millions of developers are part of React’s community. As an open-source library this ensures that the library keeps improving and that developers can find support when they need it.
  • Comprehensive documentation – Documentation on the official React site helps developers learn and understand the framework quickly.
  • Modern approach – React uses JSX, a syntax which enables developers to use HTML with JavaScript. The virtual DOM, another React concept, lends itself to single-page applications.
  • Learning curve – Compared to similar frameworks such as Angular, the learning curve for React is widely considered to be more manageable.
  • Created at (and used by) Facebook – React was created at Facebook as part of a project to improve the company’s application performance. Now the company’s mission-critical applications now use React. The fact that one of the largest web applications in the world has chosen to use React is about as good as testimonials get.


React Examples

Some real-world examples can demonstrate the capabilities of React. Netflix in particular utilizes React – claiming it helped to improve their startup speed, runtime performance and modularity. Other notable, global companies who use React include:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon
  • Twitter
  • Apple
  • AirBnB


React Native

React also offers an app building framework specifically for building mobile apps. It follows the same idea as React, giving developers access to building blocks for high-performance mobile apps. These building blocks are adopt the same UI as apps you find on IOS and Android.

React vs Angular

Generally speaking, most users will find that the learning curve is less steep for React. While both React and Angular allow developers to build high-performance user interfaces for web applications, there are some differences how each respective framework operates.

Angular is a fully-fledged Model-View-Controller framework whereas React just provides the View layer. This means that out-of-box Angular packs more functionality yet React is more flexible. Other differences the languages that each framework uses. While both libraries are based on JavaScript, React uses JSX (a mixture of HTML and JavaScript) whereas Angular uses TypeScript.

In terms of popularity, React is emerging as a winner. It surpasses both Angular and Vue in downloads according to npm charts.

For more information about Angular, check out our product guide.

React JS tutorial

Want to learn React? There are many resources available to get you up and running. To get you started, the React website provides a handy tutorial that covers the basics.

How to use React JS

Build – build fast, high-performance web application user interfaces
Simplify – use JSX to ease implementation of complex programming functions
Re-use – choose from a wide-range of building components

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