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SAS is a powerful statistical analysis system offering a wide range of functionalities.

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Everything about SAS Software

What is SAS Software?

SAS is a statistical analysis system designed by SAS institute. It was originally developed from 1966-1976 at North Carolina University. In simple terms, it processes complex data and provides insights to aid businesses in the decision making process.


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SAS Advanced Analytics

According to IDC research, SAS has a market share of 30.8% – more than twice that of its closest competitor. Advanced Analytics offers a wide-range of capabilities including:

  • Statistical Analysis – offers a data management facility for effective data analysis, data visualization capabilities, and data analysis methods such as regression, variance, multivariate and psychometric analysis.
  • Data Mining – Break down large data warehouses and discover new and usable information.
  • Text Analytics – Analyse large amounts of text and extract usable information.
  • Forecasting and Econometrics – use time series analysis and analyze complex business and economic scenarios, providing a scientific basis for better decision making.
  • Optimization and simulation – Optimise business operations and increase efficiency by identifying problem areas.


Why choose SAS?

With a constantly growing analytics market, statistical analysis programs have become essential for businesses in today’s markets. SAS is the most utilised software for analytics for its generous set of statistical features, on top of a good GUI.

  • Scalability – it can accommodate millions of rows and columns.
  • Ease of use – simple to learn, even for people with limited SQL knowledge. Uses a drag and drop interface.
  • Flexibility – easy to implement because it is compatible with many different markets and technologies.
  • Fourth Generation Language – reduces time costs with a modern, easy to use, speedy programming language.


SAS Analytics Pricing – is SAS software free?

SAS University Edition is free. It includes SAS Studio, Base SAS, SAS/STAT, SAS/IML, SAS/ACCESS and several time series forecasting procedures from SAS/ETS which can be downloaded or used in the cloud with Amazon Web Services. However, for the majority of its products, SAS does not publicly release its pricing information. Instead, to buy SAS software they offer a process which involves; applying for a free trial, requesting a demo, and then requesting pricing and receiving a quote based on business needs. This is true for SAS Advanced Analytics, SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Analytics Cloud. The only exception is SAS Analytics Pro – its latest version: Analytics Pro 9.4 coming in at $10,010. Lastly, SAS Visual Analytics pricing all depends on server and user capacity requirements.


SAS Analytics Training

SAS offers SAS Analytics training online, completely free. If you are looking for a SAS software tutorial, there are many e-learning courses to choose from with 24/7 access, on the company website.

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