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The Xen Project

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Everything About The Linux Foundation Xen Project

What is the Linux Foundation?

The Linux Foundation is a non-profit technological organization that encourages and supports various open-source projects. Initially created by Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) in 2000. It then transformed into the Linux foundation after OSDL merged with the Free Standards Group (FSG). The foundation’s work is supported by many global tech companies including Microsoft, Huawei, Samsung, Intel and more.

The Xen Project exists to promote and support virtualization in various commercial and open-source applications.

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Objectives of the Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation has the mission of building communities and support for shared technology projects to accelerate technology development and industry adoption. It is responsible for the creation of open-source ecosystems, infrastructure, intellectual and financial resources, as well as services, training and certification.

Scale of the Linux Foundation:

  • Around 16 billion dollars have been invested into projects hosted by the Linux Foundation
  • Around 35,000 technologists attend yearly events from many companies across the globe
  • Around 1 million users have enrolled in Linux’s free open-source training courses


The Xen Project

One of the Linux Foundation’s most notable projects is the Xen Project. The goal of the project is to advance virtualization in a wide array of different open-source applications and commercial settings. It focuses on Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), server virtualization, desktop virtualization, embedded and hardware applications, security applications and automotive/aviation.

Why use The Xen Project?

Virtualization – as modern software demands more resources and memory, virtualization is becoming the go-to method for saving on hardware costs, cutting down on server usage and optimizing technology management. The Xen project allows many instances of an operating system on one single machine

Cloud – it is ideal for large hyperscale clouds. It is used by notable enterprises such as Amazon Web Services and Oracle Cloud due to its support for guest operating systems, its reliability and its huge ecosystem. Additionally, flexible architecture enables users to customize the hypervisor according to specific requirements.

Security – advanced security measures such as live patching and disclosure of security issues (being able to fix security issues in private rather than exposing them to the public) make for an ideal, and safe environment.

The Linux Foundation Training

The Linux Foundation offers a wide range of courses to get you up to speed with the software and its applications.

The Linux Foundation Certification

Perhaps the biggest perk of registering for Linux courses is the certification they provide upon completion. The Linux Foundation is well-known, reputable organization, and therefore certification definitely carries weight for businesses who wish to provide their services, or for individuals who simply want to stand out in the job market.

The Linux Foundation Events

The Linux Foundation also hosts many events throughout the year. They often feature prominent technologists and open-source community leaders, which presents a great opportunity to learn, share ideas and collaborate.

Xen Project Download

Xen Project is free to download and can be found on the official site’s ‘Downloads’ page.

How to use Xen Project

Virtualize – virtualize servers, desktops, hardware applications, security applications.
Customize – expand your hypervisor’s capabilities with flexible and open source infrastructure.
Learn – get continued support from a tight knit, helpful community.

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