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Our platform ensures great work doesn’t go unnoticed. With our Credits feature, all of your individual professional successes are recorded for safe-keeping. Build a memorable portfolio with real-life testimonials from end clients.

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Representing your expertise on Dynasource gives you and your team the chance to find projects that are more closely aligned with your skills. Go further with your team on our platform.

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Professional development is easier when you’ve got all the facts. Get a better picture of how valuable you are to your organisation and take control of your learning path.

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What role does a Professional play on the Dynasource platform?

Professionals are the key assets within the IT services industry. Dynasource exists to help them tell their story in terms of product skills, industry knowledge and projects delivered. We collate this information for all Professionals employed by each Service Providers to create a picture of what each Reseller/Partner/Service Provider is capable of.

Can anyone look at my profile?

Everyone on the Dynasource platform will be able to see (as a minimum) that the Service Provider you work for employs someone with the skills and industry experience you claim. Your colleagues will be able to see your name/photo and LinkedIn URL. The extent to which others can see your name, photo and LinkedIn URL is your decision – defined by you in Account Settings.

Can people leave reviews on my profile?

The Dynasource platform enables you to invite customers to give you “credit” for the work that you have done on their behalf. In doing so, they confirm which of the skills you have claimed they have seen. There is no opportunity for them to leave a free text review.

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