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Supercharge your career.

Our community-driven platform encourages collaboration between the brightest minds in the IT industry. With hundreds of technologies, expert communities and unique project opportunities, Dynasource is the place to be for any aspiring IT professional.

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Work on projects you really love.

Representing your expertise on Dynasource gives you and your team the chance to find more challenging projects. Take your career, your team and your passion further on our platform.

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People who really get IT.

Partner with world-class IT professionals and join thriving knowledge communities to electrify your professional development. Discover specialist communities, thought-provoking discussions and inspiring opportunities. With a world of IT expertise and at your fingertips, you can achieve everything you’ve ever wanted, and much more.

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Understand your value.

Professional development is easier when you’ve got all the facts. Get a better picture of how valuable you are to your organisation and take control of your learning path. See your career from a new perspective today.

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Can anyone contact me?

Professionals cannot be contacted directly through the platform.

Can I present myself to other partners (service providers)?

The Professional is on the platform as part of the Service Provider they work for and cannot contact other Service Providers through the platform.

Can recruiters look at my profile?

Our customer success officers actively screen all registrations to Dynasource to prevent recruiters onboarding to the platform.

Can people leave reviews on my profile?

There is currently no possibility for people to leave reviews on Professionals’ profiles.

Can anyone look at my profile?

The only information from your profile regards your skills and capabilities. Those will be aggregated and shown – together with the skills and capabilities of your colleagues – on the company profile.

What role does a Professional play on the Dynasource platform?

A professional is someone who works at a Service Provider, whose time and services can billed to another company.

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