Skills Dashboard

A new way to keep track of the capabilities in your team.

Better company insights

The Skills Dashboard is a team analysis tool that we’ve built for Practice Managers at technology services providers. We think it can help you make more informed decisions about your business.

A flexible overview of your company’s expertise

Today, there are more technical skills than ever, and the number just keeps on growing. The Skills Dashboard lets you find specific skills that exist within your team. You can filter by industry, role and product to find the exact expertise you’re looking for - and easily navigate to personal profiles if you need an even closer look at experience. It helps you to track, organize and manage multiple skill sets effectively and efficiently.

You can see your team from different perspectives

Combining skill sets within your company in different ways can help you put together specialized teams for projects. We believe the Skills Dashboard can help you do that more effectively. You can filter by Vendor, Industry or Product to see the skills and capacity of team members in your company from different angles.

See individual profiles if you need specific information

Locating the right skills within your organization can sometimes feel a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. The Skills Dashboard makes it easier for you to go from a team overview to individual skill sets.

Plan investment in training

We’ve made it easier to see which areas in your organization can benefit most from training. You can now use the objective data of your team’s expertise to identify the best opportunities for further skills developments and learn where your money can be best spent.

We want to help you grow your business

How it works

An intuitive UI

The skills dashboard is made by the channel, for the channel. It complements the workflow of Practice Managers, which is why we think it will feel more natural than other solutions. The filters are specific to the IT industry so it is simpler to monitor skills within your company.

You can download your company’s data.

Whatever your analytical process is, you now have the option to use the Skills Dashboard’s data as part of it. You can download your data and use in whatever way you want.