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What is Dynasource?

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Better visibility for IT partners

It’s simple. Dynasource’s data visualization tool, the Mondrian, clearly represents your company's product capabilities, project and industry experience.

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Gain recognition for what you’re truly good at by visualizing team capabilities.

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Show them what you’ve got! Increase your business’ visibility to vendors and other partners.

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Easily search for and find other members with complementary skill sets.

We take privacy and security seriously.

By default, professional profiles are set to private. You must actively make the choice to not be anonymous.

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Use our platform to find value and generate growth in the IT ecosystem.

Mondrian Wortell
The Nav People Mondrian
Mondrian ABC-E Business

When it comes to business development strategies, we’re always keen to try new things and experiment to find what works. Dynasource was initially one of these experiments. Traditionally in the Microsoft Partner channel, there has been a feeling that you steer clear of other partners and view them as competitors. Now a culture of collaboration is emerging. We’ve realised that we are stronger as a collective partner channel than as individual partners. Dynasource is a platform that can help us bridge that gap between partners to better serve our customers.

Kathryn Monkcom

Marketing Manager, Mercurius IT

Partner to win new deals and find each other’s expertise for opportunities and cloud implementations. It helps to optimise our recruit and training partner programs, transforming our channel for future growth opportunities.

Bart van der Knaap

Director Small/ Medium/ Corporate Markets & Partner Channel at Microsoft Netherlands.

The partners I have met who are most successful have a collaborative mindset: rather than viewing other partners as their competitors, they see opportunities. When you work with others to expand your business, you open new doors to limitless possibilities.

Gavriella Schuster

Corporate Vice President Worldwide Partner Group at Microsoft